We are Siamese if you please.

I never really got that line…

Anyway! Just wanted to remind everyone about the dinner at UNO’s on Sunday in Kenmore at 6:30! Hopefully we’ll see you all there!


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Smelly cat, Smelly cat, It’s not your fault

Hello lovely ASBers. Matt and I are tirelessly working on Pre-break at this very moment. We are pumped to meet you all in 45 MINUTES! We have some awesome things planned- including candy- so be there, or be square.

In reference to this blog’s title, we have recently found out that showers are an issue. The YMCA we were planning to use is facilitating another spring break trip and doesn’t have room for us. But, NEVER FEAR! ALANA AND MATT ARE HERE! We have called every gym, Y, hostel, and JCC in the Chicago area and we will find you showers!

Matt’s getting dangerous with the scissors, so I better go. See you all so soon.



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Hey Volunteers!

We’re so excited to have finally found out who will be going on our trip we us! We’ve creeped on you and all of you look awesome!

We’ve also gotten to meet our chaperone, Meg White, and she is pretty awesome too. She works with housing on upper Comm Ave and is really excited to work with us. She even has experience running around Chicago! YAY!

Also, PREBREEEEAK is on Wednesday February 24 from 5-7 in Metcalf Hall. We really want all of you to attend, if you don’t we’ll be super sad. 😦 So be there or be square. We may or may not be dressed as animals. We swear we’re not crazy. Can’t wait to meet you!!

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Who let the dogs out?

We don’t know.

Anyway, thanks of everyone who came to the info session last night! It was great to meet a lot of you and hear about your interest in PAWS.

If you weren’t able to attend the info session and want to know what we’ll be doing at PAWS, then here you go!

  • Working at the adoption center to facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats
  • Walking the dogs
  • Feeding the animals
  • Playing with the cats and dogs
  • Helping maintain cleanliness at the center
  • Administrative work

Remember registration will be on Sunday January 31st at 8 AM! For more information, check out http://buasb.wordpress.com/

PS – We really do want to know who let the dogs out. Baha Men, you need to explain yourself ASAP.

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Whats new pussycat? Whoaoaoaoao

Welcome back potential ASBers!

We hope your break was wonderful and you all got to spend time with your pets! oh and your family 🙂

Currently we’re looking into various housing locations. We have three different locations in mind and we’re determined to find out which one will work best for us. We’re also ironing out the details of our trip with our PAWS site contact. We’re both super excited for the trip and we hope you are too!

If you’d like to get the chance to meet us and talk with us about our trip, there will be an ASB info session on Tuesday January 26th from 7 to 9 PM!

Hope to meet you all soon! And thanks for everyone who came to the info session held last night!

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Kittens… inspired by kittens!

Hey potential ASBers! My sister just adopted an adorable kitten named Rilo! Imagine how many other cats and dogs need a good home, just like Rilo did…

If you’re looking for a laugh, check out the video below “kittens inspired by kittens!”



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For your paws only…

Hey everyone!

We have updates! So we’ve been talking with Sharyn, our PAWS site contact, and we’re scheduled to have a conference call with her this week to check in before the break. We’ve also emailed our housing contact and we’re hoping to finalize our stay with them this week. Yay for not sleeping on benches!

If you haven’t gotten to check out the Chicago PAWS Website, do so!! It’s got a ton of great information and some inspirational stories. They’re a wonderful organization! Check out this video about their shelter.

Random Chicago Facts!

Chicago has an estimated 2,896,016 residents and all of “Chicagoland” has nearly 10 million people in three states.

The Lincoln Park Zoo, one of only three major free zoos in the country, is the country’s oldest public zoo.

The Illinois state dance is square dancing!

It is illegal to fish in your PAJAMAS in Chicago!

Peace out!
M-Cat and A-Dawg

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