It’s the Final Countdown

Hey y’all,

First off, welcome back to BU for second semester! We are now a few days away from Registration and everything is happening VERY quickly. I have a few updates for you, since the last post.

Sadly, my co-coordinator Erica had to withdraw from BU over winter break. She will be greatly missed by everyone at ASB. But, Ray and Dana (our wonderful PMs) found another CSC Program Manager to fill Erica’s spot.

Her name is Ana Aguilera and she is a PM for MAPP. Ana is originally from Mexico,  but has lived in Chicago for a while now. She is a sophomore, currently in SMG, and she loves doing anything with CSC. I think her knowledge of Chi-town and my love of animals is going to be an unstoppable combination for leading the PAWS trip. I am so excited to have Ana as my Co and we are already working on big/fun plans for the trip.

We will be spending the next few weeks firming up our volunteer schedule and site-seeing schedule, which will include hanging out with Veronica and Vish’s Chicago Vital Bridges trip and hopefully some deep-dish pizza. Also if you’re want to learn more about the PAWS facility, click here to see the pets currently living there.

A few of you have emailed us about the registration process and trip details. Registration is on Sunday the 30th at 8 AM!!! Remember, if you don’t get the trip you want or any trip at all, put yourself on our waitlist. Stuff happens and someone might drop and you’d be able to snag an amazing trip. As far as our trip goes, we will be driving (it is one of the best ways to bond and I love playing car games, so you will not be miserable). We will be staying at a church a few minutes away from PAWS and volunteering Monday-Friday (and possibly part of the day Saturday).

So if you’re having trouble deciding which amazing trip to go on, don’t worry; they’re all amazing. But, if you do decide to come to Chicago with us, your spring break will be amazing from the minute you step into the van in Boston.


coming soon…

A wicked (or super or hella or really or mad) cool post from Ana and Rachel.



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