Hey Volunteers!

We’re so excited to have finally found out who will be going on our trip we us! We’ve creeped on you and all of you look awesome!

We’ve also gotten to meet our chaperone, Meg White, and she is pretty awesome too. She works with housing on upper Comm Ave and is really excited to work with us. She even has experience running around Chicago! YAY!

Also, PREBREEEEAK is on Wednesday February 24 from 5-7 in Metcalf Hall. We really want all of you to attend, if you don’t we’ll be super sad. 😦 So be there or be square. We may or may not be dressed as animals. We swear we’re not crazy. Can’t wait to meet you!!


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One response to “WOOOF MEOW HELLO.

  1. Meg White

    See you tonight – I might be a few minutes late, as I have to close up the office at 5pm. Uhm, my friend Kellie, who also lives in Chicago with her husband and kids, is making us dessert for our Deep Dish Pizza night – she’s making her mother’s famous Whoopie Pies. They are awesome 😛

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