Welcome to the ASB Paws Blog!

Hey guys!

I’m Alana Flanagan, I’m a sophomore in COM majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science. I’m from Hamden, Connecticut but I’m a Boston girl at heart. I am amazingly pumped for Chicago as I have never been to the midwest, and who wouldn’t be excited to play with puppies? So let’s get down and dirty and rock Chicago. Email me, twitter me, facebook me. I’m yours!

email: aflan@bu.edu
twitter: @alanamore
facebook: Alana Flanagan

Hi! I’m Matthew Ballew and I’m a sophomore in SMG with a possible concentration in marketing. I went to high school in Springfield VA but my dad’s in the military so I’ve jumped around to places all over the country and Europe. I’m so thrilled to be going to Chicago to help with sheltered animals! I’ve been to Chicago once before and absolutely fell in love with the city. Feel free to reach out to me!

email: mrballew@bu.edu
twitter: mrballew
facebook: Matthew Ballew

So far, we have contacted the PAWS volunteer coordinator, Sharyn, and she is majorly excited to have Boston University again! Last year was fantastic and I’m sure we’ll live up to it. We’re currently looking into housing, but no worries, we won’t make you sleep on any benches, al least not more than one night. Look out for more trip information here and come to the info fair January 19 and 21 in the GSU! Also check out the Chicago PAWS website here!

M-cat and A-dawg



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2 responses to “Welcome to the ASB Paws Blog!

  1. Total ASB fusion: animals and homeless, i cant wait for you guys to sleep on benches!

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